5 Dog collar types that can cause neck issues for dog

In this article, we will discuss the types of dog collars and how they can undoubtedly cause neck issues for a dog. Its greater part reduces our inappropriate handling of rope control on specific collars. Improper practice of using dog collars is the main source of cervical (neck) subluxations in dogs. Of all the spots to put unjustifiable pressure, the cervical area, particularly the upper two cervical vertebrae, is the most unsafe. It is as of now that the body meets the brain.

What types of collars are available

I assumed I was doing great by utilizing a dog harness. Then I immediately discovered that this could really be the reason for my dog’s disc issues found where her neck meets her shoulders. I was significantly more astonished at what he said was the best collar to utilize.

Essentially, you will observe that there are five significant kinds of dog collars being used by most dog proprietors that are the regular flat nylon and leather collars, the choke collar, the prong collar, the leader head collar, and the harness.

Flat Collars

The normal flat collars most dog proprietors frequently pick, but they can likewise be the most perilous sort. These collars are utilized for hanging your dog’s labels and for basically connecting the rope to the metal circle. This collar type ought to never be utilized for dog training sessions nor would it be a good idea for them if they are utilized in the event that you struggle with controlling your dog while out walking.

When disappointed and frustrated, dog owners will more often than not pull back on the rope to prevent the dog from pulling and running, or in many cases, to inspire them to move along assuming that they’ve halted to sniff something. This yanking will cause colossal muscle fixing in the cervical neck region, which thus brings about cervical subluxations. This is one of the biggest reasons for disc and other neck issues in dogs. Sadly, the greater part of these disc issues doesn’t appear until some other time throughout everyday life. Right now, dog proprietors either put their dogs taking drugs for pain control and muscle relaxation or resort to a medical procedure or surgery to attempt to fix the harm of deteriorating discs.

flat dog collars
Flat dog collars

Leader Head Collars

These have all the earmarks of being an optimal method for training your dog. A leader collar fits over the top of your dog, similar to a muzzle. The rope joins to a metal circle placed on the collar under the dog’s jaw. The thought behind it is to turn the dog’s head to “lead” them where they need to go. Now and again people might turn their heads too forcefully or too hard in disappointment while attempting to train their dogs. This, similar to the standard or regular collar, can cause upper neck issues.

leader head collars
Leader head collars

Choke Collars

This is the sort of collar most frequently utilized by dog mentors. That’s what the thought behind it is assuming that a dog pulls excessively, it begins to stifle and consequently will move back and deliver the strain of the collar. As a general rule, the nature of a dog when it feels the fixing of a chain is to pull away from it, successfully fixing the restraint significantly more. Your dog could in a real sense gag itself into a state of extreme lethargy! Inappropriately trained dogs and all the more critically, inappropriately trained proprietors, could cause outrageous harm by utilizing a choke collar.

choke collars
Choke collars


A harness is intended to fit over a dog’s shoulders and be gotten around the chest region. While a vastly improved decision over a regular collar or a choke collar, these tackles can cause subluxations in the lower neck, shoulder, chest, and foreleg region. Once more, the primary cause of this is frequently credited to baffled proprietors yanking back on the rope, which makes the harness put a lot of weight on the shoulder and chest regions.

dog harness
Dog harness

Prong Collar

This collar seems to be some archaic torment gadget. Made of metal, the prong collar has a roundabout ring of spikes on its internal surface. While preparing the littlest measure of opposition conveys pressure equitably around the neck region actually controlling the dog. A few mentors compare the prong restraint to “power steering” where even the smallest touch will deliver the ideal outcome. Utilizing this specific collar has fewer upper cervical subluxations than other collar types. So generally, this is really the best dog collar to utilize while training and strolling your dog, in all honesty.

prong collars
Prong collars

What else may cause cervical subluxations in dogs?

There are numerous different issues that can likewise create issues with cervical subluxations. The prerequisites of how dogs are trained (instructed to sit on the left and look up toward the proprietor causes neck strain) is one area of concern. Jumbling dog size to dog proprietor size, dog stoutness, inappropriate bed sheet material, dangerous play practices, chain length, and how certain dogs are bred, are a couple of different reasons for dog neck issues.

Obviously, you would be unable to screen each move your dog makes. Maybe he loves resting on the hardwood floor close to the fire instead of the comfortable dog mat you purchased. Perhaps you played excessively hard today with the Frisbee and made your dog leap excessively high, causing neck torment. The significant thing is to attempt to address potential exercises that could cause neck subluxations in your pet so they don’t keep on causing more harm. Study more about this and take more advice from experts. Thusly, you’ll be giving your dog a lot more joyful and less excruciating life.

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